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Nomadic  Circus VR & Trapeze VR

A visual experience in virtual reality about contemporary circus.

​Based on Corinne Linder's life experiences, Hold On transports viewers-users into the world of contemporary circus and the aerial disciplines. A opportunity to discover the different sensations usually experienced by artists on stage: the notion of risk, joy, adrenaline or danger.


This experience is based on the fragility of the moment. A moment when the fall seems inevitable, and which, when it occurs, suspends forever the grace of the moment.

Equipped with virtual reality headsets, HOLD ON transports its users into the world of aerial disciplines. It’s an emotional adventure from backstage to the performance itself, seen through the eyes of an aerial artist. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body when you look down and find yourself suspended 10 meters above the ground, in front of the audience.

Created and directed by Corinne Linder in collaboration with Amaury La Burthe (Novelab/AudioGaming)


Genre : Virtual Reality & olfactive design & Circus

Length of the film : 15 min

Length of the experience (session) : 30 min (+ 15 min COVID protocole (desinfection)

Age : starting from 8 years old

Audience : 120 - 160 persons / day

Audience limit per session : 10-20 persons

The adaptable formats allow presentations both inside and outside (weather permitting).


The show is not suitable for people with epilepsy.

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