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The Ordinary Circus Girl will awaken your senses through a collective and participatory experience that merges virtual reality with contemporary circus. And blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual.

The piece is inspired by an experience from Corinne’s life: a fall that forced her to rethink her career as a circus artist, the performance explores the subject of risk in the world of contemporary circus.


Seen through a VR headset, you will become a member in a troupe of circus performers. Nico (the technical director) guides you through an emotional adventure from backstage to the performance itself. You’ll find yourself right in the middle of the action, in the surreal and
poetic environment of contemporary circus.


As you ascend to the highest point of view of an aerial artist - will you manage to face your fears?

Directed by Corinne Linder in collaboration with Novelab.



Genre: Mixted Reality  (live performance & Virtual Reality)

Length: 75 min experience (45 min VR and 30 min performance live)

Minimum age: 13 years old


Attention: Not for people with epilepsy or people in wheelchair.

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