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CORINNE LINDER - Creative Director


For me circus is an interdisciplinary form of art, a place for creativity and innovation. I love challenges, and  therefore I am always searching for new environments and concepts.


I came into the world of circus when I was 7 years old. The environment and the values of circus helped build my identity and character. I was immediately drawn to this world, where dreaming is permitted - a world where things that seem impossible becomes possible.


After my professional education in Le Lido 2011-2014 (France), and producer degree graduated 2016, these interests have brought me to travel the world; connecting and collaborating with people from several art fields, both as an artist on stage as well as the creative concept writer. In 2016, due to an accident (a six meter fall), I was forced to rethink my artistic career. Because of the accident, I decided to take some time away from circus. And to pursue my other artistic interests off stage; to create concepts that merges the language of circus with other art forms. 


Today I am inspired by thematics that the audience could relate to easily, this as they are part of their everyday life; Example food or new technology. The most recent collaboration was with an artist named EMILIE BALTZ ,who specializes in food story storytelling. Together we worked on  an immersive experience around food, circus, and Virtual reality. 

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