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CHARLOTTE WION - Producer & Diffusion 


My interest to work as an producer for circus arts was due to my various aspect in career interest.  It started my studies in History of Art and graduated 2015, where after I continued with an Professional Licence for producing contemporary dance & Circus (2016). This year I met Corinne Linder, our similar values and interest to bring new concepts through contemporary circus merged by other art forms, created not only a mutual professional vision but also a friendship, based on respect and mutual admiration.


When Corinne Linder decided to establish Fheel Concept, I decided to jump into this adventure 2016, in parallel with my Master studies  in culturelle politics (expected year of graduation 2018). I have a keen interest for Corinne Linders vision as a woman and her artistic approach for the new 

virtual reality Project “The Ordinary Circus Girl”. As the head of production and diffusion for this project my interest is to see live performance and new innovative forms merging together, all to create new ways of letting the 

audience experience stage art.

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