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Let's play, discover and transform the sound of circus together


SonoToolkit Cirque is a software application created on Max-MSP or Pure data. Using lightweight and bluetooth mini-mics you can capture, amplify, transform sounds in real-time.




SonoToolkit Cirque is created by AudioGaming (Toulouse) on close collaboration with the Company Fheel Concepts and in partnership with La Grainerie (Balma / Toulouse Métropole)


Financed by the French Minister of Culture and Communication and co produced by Les Subsistances (Lyon).

SonoToolkit Cirque

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What is it?

Software for Mac or PC (created on Max-MSP // Pure data)


SonoToolkit Cirque is a free and easy-to-use software that doesn’t need a specific competence in programming. A sound tool dedicated to enhance the sound-design in contemporary circus. The goal is twofold; To simplify the process of integrating  sound/music in early stage creation. And to generate new sound tools for live performance.


  Companies in the beginning of a creative process who do not yet know how they want to approach the sound creation.


 Companies who are looking for new ways to research and approach sound..


 Companies wishing to realise a more specific and detailed sound creation.

Who for?

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Capture and amplify sounds


Using different microphones (placed on the artist’s or on objects). You can captured, amplify and broadcast live. Always passing through the software to the stereo-system in the space.


Examples of sound-types:  shocks of falls, movements of a tissue or a body, respirations, etc.

Transform and mix the sounds


Using the same principle as above.You can use different effects on the software to change the sounds in real time .


Examples of different effects: filters, reverb, delay etc.


Spatializing sounds

Spatialize any microphone on any speaker in real-time - to control the movement of the sound in the room.

Can be used in several ways, example ; Make the sound travel around the room from left to right)

Personalize sounds

  •  Record and loop your own sounds in real time.

  •  Use sound as a key to launch your music on stage.



What is it?


The final version of the SonoToolkit Circus software will be available for download on this website at the end of 2019.


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From September 2018 to June 2019, companies in residence at La Grainerie (Salle diffusion and creation) has the opportunity to try the prototype of SonoToolkit Cirque software free of charge.

Contact us for application details.

BE A PART OF IT SonoToolkit Cirque


1. Downloadable link to SonoToolkit software.

2. Use of SonoToolkit box. It contains various microphones tested on different circus disciplines to use with the software Sonotoolkit Cirque. Comes with a users manual, a guide with several methods of fixing and installing the microphones on the object or body. Some simple costumes to facilitate the placement of mics.

Based on your feedback we can ;


1.Develope the current prototype to the better and final version.

2.Find out if similar softwares already exist on the current market.

3.Can this software improve and expand the possibilities of sound- design in contemporary circus and / or stage art.

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Each company commits to:


1.Make a short video (2 minutes maximum)

2.Tell us about your user experience.


Feel free to keep it open or answer this question ; Has this experience been beneficial in your creative work or not? YES/ NO. For which reasons?


2. Send your video to It will be published on the SonoToolkit’s youtube channel and the website

b) Fill out a survey on Google platform to help us evaluate the impact of the SonoToolkit Cirque for the better.




The feedback ( video and survey) is done on 2 separate days. The first day of residence and the last day of your residence. The feedback can be done on an IPAD found in sono toolkit box or your own computer.


The results of this survey will be used anonymously in a report to the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


For more informations feel free to reach out to us on




Corinne Linder - Artistic director of Fheel Concepts 

Amaury La Burthe - Artistic director of Audiogaming





Thomas Couchard - Programmer SonoToolkit Cirque 


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